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                    Youth Department

Shabbat Morning Groups 2017-2018

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Family Learning Fall/Winter 2017/2018


Our mission is to provide all children with positive experiences with Judaism and the synagogue. Our programming is engaging, age-appropriate and takes place in a warm and inclusive environment. We look forward to welcoming your child!
Please be in touch with any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments.

Thank you!
Adina Rosen, Youth Director


Age groups:

  • Purple Room:  Mommy and Me programming – toys, snacks and tefillah for children under the age of 3. Please supervise your little one as he/she explores the puzzles, games, cars and puppets and enjoys singing and playing games with friends.
  • Orange Room: 3-4  years olds (preschool and Pre-K). Groups start with free play at 9: 15, followed by an age appropriate tefillah, visual parsha story, game, snack and book. Please pick up your child before Adon Olam or after shul ends.
  • Blue Room: 5-6 year olds (Kindergarten and first grade). Groups begin at 9:15. Children enjoy building with blocks, playing sports and board games. Cleanup is at 10:30, followed by snack, tefillah, parsha questions and a parsha game.  Please pick up your child before Adon Olam or after shul ends.
  • Red Room: 7-10 year olds (2nd-4th grade). Groups begin at 9:15. Tefillah begins at 10:15 followed by a parsha summary, questions, a game and snack. Please pick up your child before Adon Olam or after shul ends. Please note that children are expected to daven with the group. Davening at home before groups is therefore discouraged. Thank you.

Policies and Procedures:

Please note that the following policies will apply at all times.

  1. Our goal is to make sure that children in groups are safe and accounted for. This is accomplished by having all children “registered” in our youth department. With regard to children who attend on a regular basis, only those whose parents have submitted a registration form will be allowed to attend our Shabbat programming.            Shabbat Groups Registration Form
  2. Due to allergy concerns children are no longer to bring snacks/food from home to groups. All snacks will be provided. Please make sure that your child has eaten breakfast before groups, as snack is only served after 10:30.
  3. In order to ensure the safety of all children in groups, parents are expected to drop off and pick up children, and “sign” them, with their children’s popsicle sticks. During groups, children are expected to remain in the classrooms. If a child needs parental assistance, one of our staff members will accompany them downstairs. If your child is above the age of first grade and you are OK with them leaving groups by themselves, please let us know.
  4. Please help us maintain a calm environment by placing your child in the appropriate age group. If a child is having significant difficulty following directions and staying safe in his/her group, our staff will communicate with the parents to find a solution. Children that pose a safety issue to themselves or other children in the group, may be asked to take a few weeks off from attending groups, to help them adjust to the groups expectations.
  5. If a young child is crying or having difficulty separating, we will bring him/her to his/her parents. Our goal is for all children to be comfortable in groups and not to pressure any children to participate if they are unhappy.
  6. It is and always has been our expectation that all children that are not in groups must either be in shul davening with their parents or if old enough, in teen minyan.

Thank you for your cooperation, together we can build an environment that is happy and safe for our children!

Adina Rosen

Monday, April 22, 2019 17 Nisan 5779