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Our mission is to provide all children with positive experiences with Judaism and the synagogue. Our programming is engaging, age-appropriate and takes place in a warm and inclusive environment.  The YIKGH Youth Department is committed to the youth of the Young Israel community and providing a meaningful and positive experience for the children of our synagogue. The YIKGH has weekly programming that provides the children with a chance to develop strong friendships, learn Torah and Jewish values, and have fun! We look forward to welcoming your child!
Please be in touch with any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments.

Thank you!

YIKGH Youth Department

  • Purple Room:  Mommy and Me programming – toys, snacks and tefillah for children under the age of 3. Please supervise your little one as he/she explores the puzzles, games, cars and puppets and enjoys singing and playing games with friends.
  • Orange Room: 3-4  years olds (preschool and Pre-K). Groups start with free play at 9: 15, followed by an age appropriate tefillah, visual parsha story, game, snack and book. Please pick up your child before Adon Olam or after shul ends.
  • Blue Room: 5-6 year olds (Kindergarten and first grade). Groups begin at 9:15. Children enjoy building with blocks, playing sports and board games. Cleanup is at 10:30, followed by snack, tefillah, parsha questions and a parsha game.  Please pick up your child before Adon Olam or after shul ends.
  • Red Room: 7-10 year olds (2nd-4th grade). Groups begin at 9:15 in the shul.  Group leaders will meet children in shul and help them with their davening.  Children will come up before Torah reading, play games, have snack, and learn parsha.  Please pick up your child before Adon Olam or after shul ends. Please note that children are expected to daven with the group. Davening at home before groups is therefore discouraged.

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Youth Department 2019-2020 Calendar

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 12 Sivan 5784