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  1. In case of emergency, please call Rabbi Schonfeld at home: 
    or at the Shul office 718-261-9723, x3.  If the Rabbi is not available, please call Dr. Jeffrey Weintraub at 718-631-2468 and wait for the returned message.  Roz Weinstein arranges for the first meal and the Women’s League for any additional meals.

  2. The Chevra, if needed, will supply chairs, siddurim and Sifrei Torah.  It will also assist as needed with the funeral arrangements.  Our Shul has a special arrangement with Sinai Chapels so it is preferable that funerals be done through them. We are well aware that organizations from outside the neighborhood can cover much of their work, but we take great pride and comfort in knowing that it is our own members that are there to serve our people in their time of need.
  3.  Let us hope that the services are not needed until after 120, but our gratitude runs deep for the Chevra and its volunteers.  We, of course, welcome any new volunteers.
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 14 Iyyar 5784