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             Welcome to Young Israel                 of Kew Gardens Hills!

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150-05 70th Road
Flushing, NY 11367
Telephone: (718) 261-9723
Fax: (718) 520-2976


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  Chevra Kadisha Recording and Video

Memorial Tribute​​​​​​​

70th Anniversary Dinner
Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

Honoring Rabbi Yoel and Peri Schonfeld

Sunday, June 26, 5:00pm

Scroll of Honor categories listing all contributors:

$100 Friend,      $180 Sponsor,      $360 Silver Sponsor, 
$500 Gold sponsor,      $1000 Diamond sponsor

$180 entitles one reservation to the dinner
$360 and over entitles two reservations
$100 - participate in program via individual Zoom link

c/c payments: click donate and go to visitor's area on the right side. Please choose “Shul Dinner” from the drop down menu.

Send personal messages for a scrapbook for our honorees to Rebecca Wittert,
66-10 149th Street, #4C, Flushing NY 11367 or to

Deadline: Monday, April 25, 2022

Click on one of the links below for the recording of the siyum for yahrtzeit of Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, zt"l, 
on November 30, 2021


Click on the link below for the recording of
Rabbi Elyakim Koenigsberg's remarks in tribute to
Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, zt"l, on July 11, 2021,
at the Daf Yomi Siyum.


Memorial Tribute to Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, zt"l

   If you were unable to participate in the June 27 Memorial Tribute
to Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld zt"l or would like to listen to the program again,
a recording of the program can be found at:   

A Tribute Book will be published with appreciations, reminiscences and photographs.
Please share your memories, personal stories and photographs
and it will appear with your name and/or photo.
DEADLINE is Friday, July 30.

Please send your material to or mail to
Rebecca Wittert, 66-10 149 St, Apt 4C, Flushing, NY 11367

All donations are welcome,
but the following category sponsors of the Tribute will receive a copy of the book.
SPONSOR         $1,000
DONOR                $500

To donate to the Memorial Tribute, click

then, on the right side, go to Visitors Pay or Donate Here, then, below that Payment Details, select Memorial Tribute from the drop-down menu

Audio/visual recollections of Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, zt"l,
by Rabbi Mordechai Willig

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Below is a link to a previously unknown recorded interview with Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld about his early recollections of Rav Ahron Kotler zt"l in Vienna through his days in Lakewood and his relationship with Rav Soloveitchik zt"l.

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld recollections of Rav Ahron Kotler zt"l


The following is a brief drasha by Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld on 12/24/2020 (Parshas Viyigash), l'ilui nishmas Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld,

                                            מורנו הרב מרדכי שרגא פייבל בן ר' שמואל שבתי הלוי

followed by some recollections of his father by his sister Debby Spero, who is in from Israel at this time.

Recordings of Queens levaya AND
Israel levaya/burial of Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld

The first 2 recordings are from the levaya at the Young Israel of KGH.  We apologize, but due to circumstances, the first one is only 1:20 long and the quality is diminished.   
MP4 Video file
The following is the recording in Israel:
For shiva information, click on the announcements tab above.

Shiurim Sponsorships Needed


Dear Friends,

Due to the lockdown, our fundraising activity has been limited.  We are not receiving funds for weekly Shalosh Seudos sponsors or monthly Kiddush sponsors.

I, therefore, invite you to participate in being a sponsor for any of the Shiurim taking place by Zoom. You can sponsor in honor, in memory, or just because. It will be announced before each shiur and mentioned in the weekly bulletin.

Here are some opportunities...

Daf Yomi $50 per day or $150 per week
Retirees Program $100 per day
Mishnah Berurah $50 a day or $150 per week

Sunday morning Halachic Household Shiur $100
Sunday morning Gemara Shiur $100
Monday night Gemara Shiur $100
Tuesday morning Women's Parsha Class $100
Thursday night Drasha/Perek $100


If you are interested, please contact the shul or email Rabbi Schonfeld


Thank you for your generosity.

Stuart Verstandig

Sunday, June 26, 2022 27 Sivan 5782