Youth Department



Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills 

Shabbat Morning Groups




All groups begin @ 9:30am 


Orange Room 3yr (must be toilet trained), -4yr nursery-

free play, davening, parsha/snack, free play/story 


Blue Room K-1 - 

seated play, davening, parsha/snack, active play


Red Room 2-4 - Junior Congregation

davening starts promptly @ 9:40

followed by quiet play and parsha/snack

Shabbat Morning Groups 2016-2017

Please be advised of the following guidelines that pertain to

Shabbat morning groups


1. In order for your child to be in the nursery group they must be over three years old, toilet trained and able to sit duringmaagal (circle time).

2. Due to allergy concerns children are no longer to bring snacks/food from home to groups. Snacks will be distributed about halfway through groups. If your child has a specific food allergy please bring it to the attention of the youth department.

3. Children 1st grade and under need to be picked up by a parent or other designated adult. If your child is able to leave on their own please make arrangements with the youth department. Alternately, if your child is in 2nd grade or higher and you do not wish for them to leave without a parent, please inform the youth department.

4. Junior congregation will begin davening promptly at 9:30am. Children who arrive after the beginning of davening must catch up on their own. Children who arrive after davening is over will be sent to the office to daven.

5. We expect all children attending Shabbat morning to be able to behave well in their own age group. We cannot have children remain in groups if they detract from the program. (ie..constant crying, aggressive behavior both physical and/or verbal).

6. In most cases misbehavior will be dealt with by the youth director or assistant director. In cases where a child has been removed numerous times that child will be asked not to return to groups for a period of time to be determined by discussion between the parent and youth director. After the allotted time, the child will be allowed back on a probationary basis.

7. In a case where a child deliberately and willfully injures anyone that child will be removed from groups immediately.

It is and always has been that all children that are not in groups must either be in shul davening with their parents or if old enough, in teen minyan.

Thank you for your cooperation, together we can build an environment that is happy and safe for our children.

Adina Rosen

Youth Director

Mon, September 25 2017 5 Tishrei 5778