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Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

We are located at:

150-05 70th Road, Flushing, NY 11367

Office # 718-261-9723

Fax # 718-520-2976


Dinner 2014

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Daf Hashavua

 Daf Hashavua, Learning You CAN Commit To! 


The shiurim are accessible at 

For those of you who value torah study but are to busy to consistently attend a shiur or commit to daf yomi, we proudly introduce the Daf Hashavua Learning Program.

Rather than committing to learn a daf of gemara everyday, we a take a daf and divide into 4 smaller sections and learn it over the course of a week. This affords you the ability to miss a day or two when you are busy without falling behind.
Each section of the daf can be learned in a 10 min shiur and hopefully you can find 10 min to learn during 4 days of your 7 day week. The shiur is online so it is compatible WITH YOUR SCHEDULE and starts whenever you hit PLAY.
This is a realistic learning program that YOU CAN COMMIT TO!

We have begun learning Masechet Rosh Hashana and the shiurim already have hundreds of hits! We will please g-d finish the masechta around pesach time and celebrate with a beautiful siyum.

Grab Your Gemara and Let The Learning Begin !!

If you have any Questions or comments about any of the shiurim please email

Dinner 2013


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Town of Eli

We have "sistered up" with community of Eli. As their friend, they have invited us to get acquainted with their community during your next visit to Israel. As members of YIKGH they will offer a VIP tour of the community. In addition they have hospitality at a discounted rate. To get more information, please send an email to or visit their website

Past Events

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld on his journey on the Kindertransport

Chevra Kadisha dinner 2013

Hatzolah LifeSavers365

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Davening Times

Weekday Shacharis 
6:20, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 
6:15, 6:20, 7:25
6:15, 6:30, 7:30
Daily Mincha/Maariv
Sun-Thur, Week of:
4/06         7:20
4/13         7:25 
4/20         7:35
4/27         7:40
Rosh Chodesh Shacharis
6:00, 6:10, 7:15  
Legal Holidays
6:15, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00
Friday night:
Mincha/Kabbolas Shabbos is 10 minutes after candle lighting
Shabbos morning:
Hashkama 7:30
Main Shul 9:00
Young Marrieds 9:15
Teen Minyan 9:30

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